SAP Consulting

SAP of Germany, the pioneer of ERP systems, started in the early 1970’s to develop R/2, a mainframe based integrated software package. Today’s R/3 system was developed in the early 1990’s and in contrast to R/2, is based on a client-server architecture. In the following years R/3 enjoyed a growing popularity and is now the de- facto standard for ERP systems.

Fist Choice Internet (previously: Sekai Consulting) has more than 15 years of SAP consulting and implementation experience. This enables us to offer our customers comprehensive services. We are not a company which will just implement a system, then leave you to cope with daily problems like so many other companies. Instead we offer SAP Life Cycle Support.

SAP Life Cycle Support means that we will help you to select the right modules, to implement the system and then to maintain and upgrade it.
First Choice is your partner for

  • Implementation Feasibility Studies
  • System support and maintenance (on site and remote)
  • Implementation projects
  • Upgrades to new realeases

First Choice offers SAP Support contracts which will guarantee you a fixed number of support days per month

Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization ERP Implementation and Business Process Optimization (BPO) supplement each other. This is because processes are molded by the extent of support provided by the DP systems in place. In fact, business processes and DP systems form a unit and therefore a change in DP systems implies process changes.

As a consequence the implementation of an ERP system ,like SAP R/3, offers many chances for

  • A clear reduction of primarily administrative processes
  • Streamlining of existing processes
  • Redesign of organizational structures

Thus, a successful Business Process Optimization will leave more time for business by cutting the time required for daily processing, giving you at the same time more potential for future growth.

We recommend that you combine the implementation of an ERP system with Business Process Optimization. By doing so you are investing in the future of your company.

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