Web Design, Web- and Mail Hosting and Support

Web Design

A modern website has to fulfill a number of requirements:
1) an appealing design
2) can be accessed by smart phone, tablet and PC
3) must be secure

Web technologies are changing fast and it is important a web site uptodate. These days we are using Content Management
Systems (CMS). A CMS is like the common chassis used for several different car models. It contains all the technical
features required. To make it distinctive we add different designs – sometimes called “themes”.

Content Management Systems (eg WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc) are used by many people/companies and well maintained.
This translates into IT security and protects the development investment.

Another advantage of Content Management Systems is that many companies offer themes (design) which are suitable to
view a web site using smart phone, tablet computer and PC. Such a responsive design displays the content for smart phones
and tablets, PCs differently.

Web- and Mail Hosting

Once we have completed the website we want to make it available to anybody. Therefore it must be on a server which is
always connected to the internet via a static IP address. In addition you need to register a suitable domain name.
First Choice has suitable servers and can do the web hosting and the mail hosting.
These are the 4 steps to you own website and own mail accounts:

(1) decide on a domain (e.g. mycompany.com)
(2) web design
(3) decide on the mail accounts you need (e.g. boss@mycompnay.com etc. )
(4) install web site on a First Choice server, and set up the required email accounts

Your website is now online and you can send and receive emails.

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