VOIP Systems & Support
Over the years the Internet has grown to a big international communication network. This network replaces more and more the traditional telephone network. Using the Internet for telephone communication is called VoIP (voice over IP). The telephone network is owned by the various national telecommunication companies, often monopolies or oligopolies, and these companies kept phone prices high. With the Internet which is own by many companies the traditional pricing structure has changed and Skype has made free VoIP popular. Skype is, however, a special case because they are using a modified version of the standard SIP protocol and as a result Skype user cannot use other VoIP providers.

In Japan NTT is offering hikari denwa (fiber optics phone lines) and Flets ISDN and these phone calls are routed over the Internet, so that is VoIP. NTT and other telco providers in Japan have reduced the telephone charges in Japan for VoIP calls to 3 JPY/min. However, the costs for International phone calls are still much higher (in some cases more than 10 times more expensive) than in other countries. Therefore it makes sense to use foreign VoIP providers for international phone calls.

In former times only few companies were offering PBX (private branch exchange, "switchboard") machines and these systems were very expensive. However, a PBX is mainly a software application and as computers became more powerful it is now possible to run a PBX on a small computer. Configuration is much easier than before and you are not limited to the NTT network. It is possible to add SIP providers for international phone calls and for emergency cases.

Having studied the market carefully we have now decided to offer VoIP solutions to our customers. Right now we have two solutions on offer:

VoIP Solutions for Professionals
This solution is aimed at individuals with a high volume of International phone calls like translaters, expats and their families. The solution consists of a IP Phone fully configured for a VoIP provider. The customer can use this phone to make inexpensive international phone calls.

Enterprise VoIP Solutions
This solution consists of a small but powerful PBX system, adapter for the domestic phone line (analog or ISDN) and a number of IP Phones. The PBX replaces the current PBX. This solutions targets SOHO and small/medium companies.