SportFan Bibs and Finisher Cards


SportsFan is a Competition Management system for events up to about 1000 participants. The system has been developed for running events but it is also suitable for all time based events. This could be cycling, swimming, walking etc.
SportsFan has been developed by runners and for runners. We aim at providing running clubs and other organizations with the means and tools to hold successful events. It is also a very flexible system allowing you to design and print your Number Cards and your Finisher Cards.

Main benefits
SportsFan helps you to prepare and to run events. It saves you time, hassle and money.
  • Improve the image of your event by designing your own Bib Numbers
  • Save money by printing your own Bib Numbers
  • Offer late or same day registration and print the Bib Numbers right away
  • Speed up time recording by barcodes on the Bib which you scan at the goal
  • Provide ranking lists at the event
  • Impress runners with a well designed Finisher Card showing name, result time and ranking
  • Provide Bibs, Finisher cards and result lists in Japanese or in English
  • No investment as the system is offered in the cloud
  • Peace of mind - cloud servers are located in Japan

From a more technical viewpoint SportsFan offers a range of well-thought features and functions.

General Features

  • User Login (password protection)
  • Field validation (checking data entered)
  • Online help
  • Fully localized in Japanese and English

Events and Athletes

  • Supports up events and sub events
  • Select, change and delete events and sub events
  • Add, change and delete athletes
  • Search and select athletes using multiple selection criteria

Result Features

  • Calculate athletes ranking (even by gender and/or age group)
  • Print result lists or make PDF files


  • Print Bib Numbers one by one
  • Print Finisher Cards one by one
  • Batch print a range of Bib Numbers (number range, name selection etc)
  • Batch print a range of Finisher Cards (number range, gender, agegroup)

Upload and Download

  • Upload athletes registered through Runnet and Sportsentry
    (system can be adjusted for other formats)
  • Upload result data (result time and bib number and/or barcode)
  • Download athlete data (e.g. for label printing)


  • User administration
  • Account and user settings
  • FTP access to your data (you can download your data at any time!)

  • Internet access
  • One or more PC's


All prices are exclusive consumption tax (currently 5%).

Service Description Price System User Events (per Year) Comment
SF-Trial Trial Account 0 Jpy 1 user 1 event Unlimited number of participants
SF-5 Club Account 5,000 Jpy 5 users up to 5 events Unlimited number of participants
SF-10 Pro Account 10,000 Jpy 10 users Unlimited events/year Unlimited number of participants

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