[プリント可ページ] Web server software changed

C00002-bplagge-hd から 2011/ 5月/22 - 22:30 に登録された

We changed our web server software from Apache2 to Lighttpd.
Obviously the configuration of Lighttpd is different from Apache2. The most significant difference for web site owners is that there is no .htaccess.

If you should require particular configuration settings for your website please check our support section for more details and reference.

[プリント可ページ] New VoIP Solutions

C00002-bplagge-hd から 2011/ 4月/20 - 13:44 に登録された

First Choice Internet started to offer VoIP solutions.

Enterprise VoIP Solutions

This solution comes in 2 variants:
  • the Analog Enterprise Solutions comprises a miniPBX, analog adapter and 3 IP Phones
  • the ISDN Enterprise Solution comprises a miniPBX, ISDN adapter and 5 IP Phones.

VoIP Solutions for Professionals

This soluition consists of a IP Phone, readily configured for a VoIP Provider.

Our VoIP solutions are very affordable and help you to reduce your phone bill - in particular for International phone calls.

[プリント可ページ] New Mail Server

C00002-bplagge-hd から 2011/ 3月/25 - 01:17 に登録された


On Sunday, March 27th we will be replacing our mail server with a bigger and faster server. Please note that mail services will be unavailable during the change! Work is scheduled for

Sunday 27.03.2011 22:00h - 24:00h

[プリント可ページ] Big Upgrades of Hosting Packages

C00002-bplagge-hd から 2011/ 3月/14 - 15:14 に登録された

All First Choice Internet Hosting Packages have been upgraded. Disk space allowances for mail and web data ranges now from 250 MB (FC Blog) to 50 GB (FC Security). The maximum size for a single mail is now 15 MB (up from 10 MB).

[プリント可ページ] New Fax Number, 新FAX番号

C00002-bplagge-hd から 2010/12月/02 - 12:05 に登録された

First Choice Internet has a new Fax number. Here is the updated contact information:
In addition, German customer can reach us at +49-89-721010-57887.


ERP-Ledger hosting at - 続く (1058 バイト以上) [プリント可ページ] ERP-Ledger hosting at

C00002-bplagge-hd から 2010/ 8月/01 - 09:56 に登録された

First Choice Internet offers an enhanced version of SQL-Ledger under the name of ERP Ledger. Check the details as

Domain registration summer campaign - 続く (1056 バイト以上) [プリント可ページ] Domain registration summer campaign

C00002-bplagge-hd から 2009/ 7月/10 - 12:09 に登録された

Summer Campaign - Domain Registration for 1,500 JPY

As the Economy is still sluggish it's a good idea to step up promotion. Start by registering a new domain e.g. 日本語.jp for only 1,500 JPY.

Good News: Big Upgrade of all Hosting Packages - 続く (1296 バイト以上) [プリント可ページ] Good News: Big Upgrade of all Hosting Packages

C00002-bplagge-hd から 2009/ 3月/06 - 14:46 に登録された

As time is moving buy customers require more disk space for websites and for their mail.
To account for this we now give you 3 times more space!

Website Changes - 続く (336 バイト以上) [プリント可ページ] Website Changes

C00002-bplagge-hd から 2008/ 7月/14 - 11:57 に登録された

We have updated our website.

[プリント可ページ] New Webmail

C00002-bplagge-hd から 2008/ 5月/24 - 19:40 に登録された

We implemented the new webmail program (squirrelmail). The old mail program is still available but not supported anymore.

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