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SQL-Ledger ERP

First Choice Internet offers an enhanced version of SQL-Ledger under the name of ERP Ledger. Check the details as
First Choice Internet Ltd has been offering SQL-Ledger hosting for some 3 years. During this time the application has seen a number of important improvements. Some of these improvements did not find its way into the original application but were applied to an development branched called Ledger123.

We have been watching these developments for some time and eventually decided to join forces with the ledger123 people. This enables us to offer new features like a very much improved warehouse handling.

However, our primary target group are companies in Japan and other Asean countries. We already offer Japanese and Chinese translations and print templates. We will also undertake to develop functions required for the Asian market. For this reason we chose to host the ledger under the name of ERP Ledger. You find all details about our ERP-Ledger hosting at

Existing customers have been moved to ERP Ledger.