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Summer Campaign - Domain Registration for 1,500 JPY

As the Economy is still sluggish it's a good idea to step up promotion. Start by registering a new domain e.g. 日本語.jp for only 1,500 JPY.
While the campaign is running you can register .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .jp and 日本語.jp domains for only 1,500 JPY (registration for 1 year, tax included).
If you don't have a website yet now is the time to finally start one. We offer not only inexpensive domain registration but also great website deals. Please check our website offerings for details.
In case you already have a website you should consider make a second one for particular products or services. This will attract people looking just for your service or products.
Now you can also have a domain name including Japanese kanjis e.g. 自動車.jp, ラーメン.jp . Having such a website makes it easier for Japanese people. Thus you can attract more customers. Check here:
English campaign details
Japanese campaign details