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(English) Premium Details

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FC Premium

Good for Web Site and Online Shop, … and for your mail accounts!

200 GB 160 Mail Accounts 5,500 Jpy/mth


For your Web Presence:

MySql Database(*), PhpMyAdmin, PHP7, CGI, FTP, Access Statistics

Build you web site with WordPress, Joomla, etc – Online Shop with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc

For your email:

Spam Check, Virus Check, WebMail


Data Volume Mail Accounts Setup Fee Price per Month
Yearly Payment 6 Mth Payment
200 GB 160 8,000 5,500 5,800

Yearly Payment: 1 payment of 5,500 Jpy * 12 = 66,000 Jpy (excluding tax)
6 Month Payment: 2 payments of 5,800 Jpy * 6 = 34,800 Jpy (excluding tax)


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